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said that's not good enough. president obama is saying pretty much the same thing issuing a paper statement questioning the move, saying mubarak simply created doubts in the minds of the egyptian people and had not seized the opportunity to put forward a path to democracy. we are getting word in the last 20 minutes or so, egypt's military commanders have been meeting this morning. and they are about to issue some sort of statement to the people of egypt in respops to the latest developments. >> there are many who feel the military will be key in all of this. only military leaders could force mubarak from power for once and for all. on the phone with us is judith. >> hi, how are you? >> doing well. you are in israel, and what can you tell us about the mood there since this all unfolded? >> since it began it has been extremely tense. this israel depended on this peace even though it is a cold peace. when these mass protests started the israeli government began to hold intense, secret meetings to determine what to do about this crisis. the first thing they decided to do was to say no
but a swiss miss. and is president obama getting his groove on while the mideast burns? some say yes, but others say ain't no party like a motown party and a motown party can't be rescheduled. and as lovable scam p charlie sheen be called a lovable jerk? >> thank you, andy. >> your het leer hair do is -- your hitler hair do is making me feel ill. >> your face is an omelette of despair. let's welcome our guests. she excites me. i am here with patty m brown. she is so cute that snow angels make outlines of her on the ground when it is snowing. charles pain is back. fox business network and ceo of wall street strategies. he knows picking stocks like i know being in them. and he is a lot like bill shultz, but he is not homeless or infested with six kinds of hepatitis. filling in for my repulsive sidekick is john devore. and next to me, thaddeus mccodder. he released a book called "seize freedom" hope that is not a stripper, and i suggest you read the forward because it is fantastic. it is fantastic. , eh. we have no pinch because bill is out and when bill is out pinch is gone too. >> wei
get replaced by a psycho and obama watched a golden moment for real change slip by. maybe if he did something about that uprising this one could be different, or at least better than the pro bowl. it sucked. and if you disagree with me, you are worse than hitler. >> i'm going to you first. you are rather calm today. it is about egypt, and it made me feel optimistic. at the beginning i just don't sense anything good coming from this. you said this resolution is good. mubarak has to go. he has had a good run. and the military, they don't like -- they are not going to let the muslim brotherhood get involved. you have a pretty optimistic take about what lies ahead. right? >> well, i'm allergic to the absolute hysteria which is what i have been hearing from the media. i don't think the muslim brotherhood are good guys. and if there are democratic elections, they are going to get some parliament seats, probably a chunk of them. in democracy, sometimes al franken wins. the bottom line on this is we can't change the momentum here. mubarak is toast. the military said, hey, we are not going t
rotten weather in the rest of the country and frequent visits by our own commander-in-chief. truly obama is the greatest president in the history of history. >> that's the only proof? >> i have a birth certificate. >> once again kristi makes me misty. the new jersey governor, aka, the next president of the world, spoke at the american enterprise institute and he said what is happening in washington has him worried. christie says it is time to stop talking about crap like high speed rails and focus on restoring fiscal sanity. and most importantly -- or most important, not sure which, we need to attack an issue everyone in dc is too scared to touch, evil laser shooting grackles and entitlement reform. roll it, rollers. >> what is the truth that nobody is talking about? here is the truth nobody is talking about. you will have to raise the retirement age for social security. i just said it, and i am still standing here. i did not vaporize into the carpeting, and i said it. we have to reform medicare because it costs too much, and it is going to bankrupt us. once again lightning did not come
is on right now. president obama delivered the state of the union and getting positive reviews in the main stream media and getting favorable comparison. >> he was trying to envoke the optimism that bring to mind ronald reagan. >> how this could be his reagan moment. >> talking about winning the fut and you are that was a theme of reagan. it is not left-right. >> sunny optimism and reaganesque and american exceptionalism and full of kennediesque encouragement to break a new frontier. that was remarkable. >> and then this from time magazine. a doctored image of ronald reagan with his arm around mr. obama. you have been around washington. when reagan comparison erupts, is that spontanous. >> we associate reagan with optimism. it is lazy to just associate reagan with optimism. there is a wonderful documentary that came out and didn't show him smiling and the grim determination to beat the soviets and he hated the statism that barack obama is plugging for. >> there could not be two presidents with more opposite philosophy. >> for one thing president obama is reading up and reading him and stud
. >> the libyan ambassador who just resigned said the obama registration should raise their voice. what should we be doing? it seems to be taking care of itself. however -- no, that's not true. he is killing his own people. he is killing his own people and obama -- shouldn't obama be saying something? >> he should, but before i begin, i wanted to thank you forgetting back to the comedy rich environment of general sidal dictators after last week doing nothing but porn and animals all week long. i missed that. i am glad to be here talking about this. yes, oat bo ma administration -- the obama administration should raise its voice. we have elected a guy who can't speak at all of the every time something comes up he can't do anything anymore. supposedly that will make it better. they were grilling rumsfeld in an interview saying don't you think our image around the world is better? are you high? i think he actually said that at one . she kept insisting that it was. it is like they are still pretending. i think the president is pretending now too. he is just hoping if he kicks back and doesn't do anyt
seen as awesome. >> coming up, is president obama trying to poison the water supply? no, that's a stupid idea. but first what is charlie sheen up to now? whatever it is, i bet amilia es staw varies is doing dash emilio es staw varies is doing something far worse. but no one cares. >>> are you a racist clown when you tell an audience to pipe down? i am refering to a cinema in delaware where a manager was accused of bigotry for telling a black audience to be quiet. but they say overturning the relations commission saying the dude was racist when he used a, quote, condescending quote when telling them to stop talking. the commission ordered the theater to pay nearly $80,000 when determining the announcement that happened in 2007, quote, insulted, humiliated and demeaned patrons since they single etd -- singled out a black audience. they say extras were brought in. the court tossed out the finding and the fine saying the announcement was not racist, simply policy for soldout shows and therefore reasonable. so what does dancing goat think about all this? >> the irony is the goat ac
, rahm emanuel as the black swan. which must make obama feel inadequate. maybe he can be the black and white swan, greg. >> very nice. >> i enjoyed that movie, did you like it? >> i wasn't able to see it. i couldn't look over the seat, don't you know? i hear it was a tore. >> good for you. >>> the unrest is libya is unresty. but one man isn't afraid to weigh in. yes, the glorious, glorious sting, spoken from peru. and he had this to say about libya. >> one of the most useful things about theyent have -- about the event is i think they have looked at our culture as the temple and what has come out of the conflict is just as complex as ours and stereo types have been counter productive, and so we need to treat the arab world in the same way we treat each other. what is happening in libya is about a man holding on to power who has no business holding on to power. i hope it stops soon. >> i wasn't even listening. i was looking and letting his words flow over me like warm, soapy milk. thank you for being sting. ahmadinejad who like sting has strong opinions and is a decent vocalist cond
as well as we could in a changing environment. and once mubarak made the announcement, obama should have gone out with a major speech. he should have said, amazing. we congratulate the president in making this concession. we congratulate the supporters in this amazing resolution and how they were able to change the course of history and force that issue. give the military time to take control. now what you have got because suddenly obama decides it is expedient to call for change and get mubarak out, you have an egyptian military and they don't know what is going on. they are not sure what the signals are coming from the u.s., and it is a vacuum. that is not a good inning this. >> i just love how now -- why did he do this with iran? i asked this on monday. i don't get why this is different with iran. my favorite person in all of this is hosni's kid. he didn't even think about it. before people were even in the square, he was already on virgin air heading to london with four hookers and a speed ball. the worst kid ever. >> there is a problem with this generation. >> there are a lot of thi
walks out the 23rd window. >> has obama set himself up to fail when it comes to high speed rail? our conductor in chief will ask congress may improve the $63 billion program for the construction of a high speed and inter city rail network. why asks the whole country desm -- country? this amtraken enthusiast says, quote, there are key places we cannot afford to sacrifice as a nation, and one is in front structure. that answers that. it does make one wonder what the obsession is. they explain, quote, it will carry people almost as fast as cars, though less conveniently. it is almost as much as a boondoggle as dog and cat fighting. >> cat has a great right hook. i don't know what they were singing or it was disgusting. dana, are you known around these parts as a snob. why are trains necessary when we have buses? buss are better trains. >> oh man. did i catch you off guard? >> you did. i think it is sad that this guy campaigns on these huge, stirring dreams of a better future. he gets there and all they have for him is a faster way to cinncinati. >> and the scary thing is nobody wants to
of obama because they are obama, and this makes their parity detection muscles flabby. cocooned in a shell of beliefs, asking them to detect political parity is like asking michael moore to run up 10 flights of stairs. the good news, she fell for the joke and the bad news was she was the punch line. if you disagree with me, you are worse than hitler. >> i want to point out to rachel that she is not really worse than hitler. that is a joke we do here, so don't fall for that. don't for for it, you. >>> brooke, like i said, i don't think it is a big deal. >> i do. i think it is embarassing. the christ wire is such an obvious satire. one of the stories was baby japanese robots and terrorists taking over the world. >> those are real! >> the show is one sarcastic statement after another. that's what the whole show is. you can see when we saw the clip, you know, she is laughing and dancing around. the conservative movement to her is a joke anyway. i don't see why she is so surprised that this actually was a joke. >> might i remind you what show you are on, "red eye"? it is a show that is sar -- s
. e >> i hate him. hope he walks out the 23rd window. has obama set himself up to fail on the high speed rail?corn our chief will ask congress to e improve the $53 billion program for construction of aco national high speed and inter c city rail net work. why asks like the whole country? earlier today the vice president and amtrak a enthusiast explained it, quote, there are key places were cannot afford to sacrifice as a nation and one of them is infrastructure. well that answers that, ict think.t. it does make one wonder what the mode of obsession is. reason .com explains, quote, i we will carry people almost asos fast as cars., though less conveniently.en it is almost as much as a boondoggle as dog and catdogg fighting. >> the cat has a great right hook. i don't know who was siping there, but it was disgusting.nar dana, you are known aroundtheset these parts as a snob. why are trains necessary when we have buses? buses are just better trains. did i catch you off guard? >> i think it is sad this guy campaigns on these hugee themes, these stirring strains. of a better future.have a
, they actually caught a show. >> see, that guy should be chairing the committees. >>> obama called this an assault on unions. what happened to the nice tone? >> i guess that one is gone. my favorite outcome of this was the teamsters in wisconsin issued a press released where they compared governor walker to -- well, not to hitler, but to hilter. and by the way, i'm pretty sure hitler liked public schools. school teachers don't understand when they do this, they remind people of the french aristocrats going out of versailles and pretending to be peaze peasants -- pes sents. >> their average salary, pat, is like, what, $78,000 a year? the teach areas' union rtz most powerful unions around, but are things changing? everybody knows education sucks. >> there is always going to be one state. and by the way somebody tell andy the show me state is missouri. it is a joke. >> i'm so used to doing regular news at this crazy network. >> anyway, first of all, this is -- you know, look, i am paying good teachers lots of money. we have this insane thing where we have an education and produces no
? is that how you say it? she beat our hero, justin, but previously she was obama's favorite and played at his nobel prize ceremony. this is a conspiracy. he forced the win. throw him out of office. >> i want to thank you on our topics tonight because they are right up my alley. as a regular "us" magazine and " people" and "tiger beat." i had to look up every topic on wick caw peed yaw -- wick people -- wikipedia to find out what we are talking about. justin bieber fans are crazy pho mat particulars, but they are still 10 years old. >> you did bring it back to politics. >> i was going to help her out by saying bieber was against obama's budget cuts. >> he is canadian. he doesn't even know who the prime minister is. who is steven harper? >> bill, you won five grammies, but that's what you call your 8 balls. how did you spend it last night? >> it sounds cuter with my dealer if i say grammys in assisted of grams. >> i look at the fact that bieber has this movie out right now. and he is talking about how much he rehearsed for this and how hard he has been working. and then you add the fact that yo
motion? >> no, it doesn't. >> meanwhile, in other food news, the obamas showed why being a government is so cool. listen to new dietary guidelines about eating less salt, fat and sugar. the white house party had bratwurst, pizza, twiced baked potatoes and brazed lion cubs. yes, brazed lion cubs which were so tasty. now we go to patience mcpug. >> say what you want about patience mcpublic. he knows -- mcpub, he knows his job. diane, do you feed if you have another significant other, which i don't know. i don't pry into personal lives, would you feed that person in that manner in public? >> i guess the public part is the weird thing. they are in a box, and i guess they should be used to this because they are celebrities. most people would do it and not think much of it. you don't have a million cameras on you and people watching you. i feel bad. it is something people don't and don't hear crap about it because nobody else is watching. >> my wife has never fed me. i'm sure that's the only way you have food delivered to you. >> on vines and stuff. and a bed with feathers all the time. >>
. >> yes, they both shopped at bane -- at lane bryant. >> we haven't heard from obama. we heard from hillary. i understand if we start saying stuff we fall into the blame the u.s. conspiracy theories. we are not even showing up, and this drives me crazy. what should we be doing? >> it surprises you we are not showing up? >> we showed up for egypt. egypt was easy. >> we showed up under other administrations. we tried to kill the bastards. i'm sorry his two-year-old daughter was killed. >> stepdaughter. >> so god bless her. i'm a granddad. if he wants to go to allah, i say -- his lips to allah's ears. let's help him. his people want him to go to allah. maybe they will do that as quickly and as soon as possible. they are not screaming for more porge. they want him gone. >> yeah, he is saying to the people, be a martyr and they should say, you first. >> diane, if you were a smart, young woman. if you were in the administration, what would you tell the united states to do? obama should declare a no fly zone, but he is not doing that. what should we be doing? >> i think it is a tough call
to fall for any of obama's shannanigans. >> i thought obama was a robot, zoom in. >> i heard he was kenyan. >> same difference. >> he was made in kenya. that's why you can't find his warranty in hawaii. >>> from "playboy"s to playpens. he says yanks are not manly to play heroes from stan lee. a british actor nabbed the title role in "superman." if you don't foe who he is, don't worry, neither does he. >> he's hot. >> oh please. he grows a -- he joins a growing list of foreigners playing super hero such as christian bale as batman, and the aussie as thor and canadian ryan reynolds as the green lantern and jude law as a ball of crap. so what gives? it is hard to argue with the choice of mr. law. but as the casting director of "the dark knight" explains, american actors are soft. john papsider, what a weird name, tells "new york magazine" you look at the list of american leading men and in their 20s and 30s they are boy like. adding, "i believe there is a certain feme gnaw swraition of the american male. there are a lot of mama's boys. kids are raised like veal and we are afraid to let them p
to accept the same financial reality as the rest of us. so they went to his house. obama call its an assault on the unions? and where are the -- [inaudible] they are like jerry at the end of fargo, desperately crawling out of windows. and then the protesters at john boehner's apartment, to ban needle exchange, curtail abortion and other stuff. i bet they smelled great. the lefty protests reflect a new aggressive activism, which is funny because it's in direct opposition to the president's new tone that they claimed they would embrace. but we knew it only applied to their enemies, which is fine, if the protesters agree to post their addresses on the web. then we drop by their place while theyor the pot. but we won't. we are too damn polite and we have jobs. if you disagree with me, then you are worse than nir rosen. greg-alogue. >> bill, people often protest in your home, but that's because your home is a park. >> yeah, technically, i squat there and i squat a lot after burritos. >> greg: don't you think if you go to far when you show up at somebody's place or on the street and disrupt traffi
met a guy called obama at a bar. and what's up with this mubarak guy in egypt? that won't last. i give it 30 years, tops. later, going to go play handball. >> greg: happenedball was really big in the 90s. >> i think we all went through a stocking hat phase. we all had one of those. >> thank god, i didn't. >> greg: what is the name? >> but if you are bryant gumbel, why would you let yourself be filmed saying that? >> greg: you are asking the host of "red eye"? >> let's say you did. let's say you had the conversation and you didn't know what the internet was, can you laugh at yourself? can't you say, i know, that's funny. >> greg: it's a new rule. it's like copyright infringement. >> why does nbc care about bryant gumbel and katie couric? they don't even work that -- >> it's the glory days. >> greg: i have to move on. last week, i told you how much i loved smearing yogurt on cats. i haven't changed my mind. but how badly i wanted to auction off my removed dependents to the highest vendor. since that's illegal, i offered a side drawing for a drawing. the winner, john bomb of plentanton, b
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)